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Internship Program

What is the Internship Program?
It is an educational program designed to provide students with the opportunity to undertake work experience, while in university, at companies or government offices relevant to their majors.

What benefits does the Internship Program offer?
Work experience can be a good opportunity for students to renew their awareness of university education by rediscovering the significance of learning at university and increasing their learning motivation.

It also serves as a very valuable experience in developing career plans (or individual life planning including career development after graduation).

How has the Internship Program been implemented?
In 1999, the Faculty concluded an internship agreement with the Okayama Association of Corporate Executives to start the nation’s first internship program.

Besides the association, the Faculty currently receives cooperation from the Okayama Employers’ Association and many companies, and provides many 3rd-year Faculty students with the opportunity to undertake a two-week internship during summer vacation. In 2010, 100 students participated in 68 companies and organizations inside and outside Okayama Prefecture. The Faculty provides support so that as many students as possible can undertake an internship.

Main companies offering internship opportunities in 2010:
□ KAAZ Corporation
□ Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
□ Setouchi Engineering Co., Ltd.
□ Seirei Industry Co., Ltd.
□ Tombow Co., Ltd.
□ Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd.
□ Japan Exlan Co., Ltd.
□ Hagihara Industries Inc.
□ Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd.
□ Kabaya Foods Corporation
□ Asahi Dengyo E. C. Co., Ltd.
□ System Ties Corporation
□ Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.
□ Okayama City, etc.