Okayama University Future Session/Tsukada and Kiwa Lab. Seminar

July 23, 2016

Abstract: Terahertz electromagnetic waves extend from 0.1 THz to 100 THz (THz; 1 THz = 1012 Hz). Because effective sources and detectors operating in that frequency band could not be available until a recent passed, terahertz frequency band have been commonly called 'Terahertz Gap’.
However, thanks to recent progress of ultrafast lasers and semiconductor fabrication technology, terahertz is nowadays the most attractive and exciting technology in scientific and/or industrial fields. For instance, spectroscopic evaluation of water molecules and control of magnetic spins.
In this seminar, we are happy to invite the top-level, famous researchers in THz fields, who will give talks on their latest and attractive studies of terahertz science and technology. We also welcome this opportunity to have fruitful discussion about ‘THz field’ with all of you.

Lecture 1:
“Terahertz emission study of molecular adsorption dynamics onto atomic layer materials”
Prof. Masayoshi Tonouchi (ILE, Osaka University)
Lecture 2:
“Terahertz Spectroscopy and beyond”
Dr. Chiko Omani (RAP, RIKEN)

(*The both of them kindly accepted to give their talks in English for overseas students.)

Date: 26 July 2016
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: Lecture room E402, Kogakubu 3-gokan (N32 bldg.), Okayama University

Contact: Toshihiko Kiwa (kiwa@okayama-u.ac.jp <mailto:kiwa@okayama-u.ac.jp>)