Winning at the speed race in wireless power transferred "Pla-Rail"

April 07, 2018

A team of the Electric Power Conversion system (EPC) Lab of Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering in Okayama University won the tournament among 16 universities and companies at the “Wireless Power Transferred Pla-Rail Speed Race”. Technical committee in the Institute for Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers (IEICE) on Wireless Power Transfer organized the competition at Tokyo Denki University on March 23. The races were undertaken on 1.5-meter plastic rails run by train models whose power was supplied by wireless transfer devices. The EPC team implemented a newly customized resonant capacitive coupling technique in their model. “This championship award will drive us to further development toward leadership in the field of wireless power transfer engineering”, said the leader Keita Fujiki.

The details can be found (in Japanese) at:

Awarded students and the customized model.

After the final race.