Communication Network Engineering Course

The Communication Network Engineering course offers education and research programs with an objective to further the development of commonplace mobile phones and networks for faster, more efficient and safer communications. The course’s education and research themes include wired/wireless signal transmission, computer network design, construction and operation, information processing, security and other telecommunication systems technologies.The course provides students with opportunities to acquire basic knowledge of communication networks through education and research subjects such as communication engineering, communication protocols, and information processing. Education and research programs on the Internet, mobile systems, and security are designed for students to learn the basics of communication system design and network configuration. The course trains students to develop skills to be active, and to develop solutions to various problems, in related industries and research areas, using the overall depth of knowledge gained through these education and research programs.

Point 1: To help develop basic skills to create communication networks Specialized subjects such as communications engineering, communications protocols,programming languages and signal processing trains students to acquire basic knowledge of fundamental communication network technology.

Point 2: To provide opportunities to learn system design and network configuration basicsSpecialized subjects such as the Internet, mobile systems and security, experiments and practices are offered for students to gain basic knowledge of communication system design and network configuration.

Point 3: To aim to implement user-oriented communication services Special research programs, special lectures, engineering ethics and specialized electives are offered for students to develop basic skills to implement communication services for human happiness and the welfare of humankind