Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering course is provided for students to explore the unknown in various fields ranging from research on new energy systems closely relating to the global environment to the development of optical devices essential for high-speed optical communications, on the basis of electricity and electronics, which are key components of science and technology. To prepare students in developing high levels of expertise and practical application skills that will enable them to pioneer new frontiers in various fields, this course offers education programs with emphasis on basic academic abilities and firsthand experience gained through experiments. We produce first-rate human resources active in diverse areas, not only in electricity and electronics, but also in machinery, chemistry, and medical care.

Point 1: To help students develop versatile skills to adapt to rapid technological innovations

Point 2: To provide substantial basic academic abilities and practical application skills
Students acquire a solid knowledge of mathematics, natural science, etc. required for electrical and electronics engineering and also achieve a high level of expertise in power control, electronic circuits and material properties on the foundation of knowledge of electromagnetics and circuits.

Point 3: To train students to acquire skills as an active researcher or engineer with a global perspective