Course Configuration from Admission to Graduation

Normal Course Assignment

Normally, most students enroll in a certain Department of the Faculty of Engineering at the time of admission, and are grouped into the Course Selection Category, where at the beginning of the 2nd half of the 2nd year, they are assigned to one course according to their desire. The course configuration from admission to graduation has been redesigned since reorganization in April 2011, as showed below:

Flexible Selection of Specialty Field
1) Arrangements are made for admitted students who are clearly ready for specialty field choice

High-achieving students who have been admitted and who have clearly decided to choose the specialty field they would like to go into may select a course upon admission in which they want to enroll, so that they can maintain their enthusiasm to study. Specifically, the top 15 to 20% of admitted students in each department in the first- and second-period entrance examination results may choose either of the Course Designation Categories, which enables them to select a course at the beginning of admission, and the Course Selection Category as the normal course assignment group.

2) Department flexibility and course changes

Department or course changes can easily be made for students who want to change their department or course after admission or course assignment (at the time of promotion to 2nd or 3rd year, respectively), for example, because education programs are different from what they expected.