The Dean's Welcome Message

At the heart of engineering is the challenge to invent the products of our dreams


What is engineering? For high school students this might be difficult to imagine. Engineering lies beyond subjects that are studied in high school, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. It is related to invention and development, in other words, it is an academic discipline which aims to create something new. Many years ago, products such as airplanes, smartphones, robots controlled by speech, and contact lenses did not exist or existed only in imagination. However, nowadays they are an important part of our daily lives.

These innovations are the fruits of engineering and have greatly changed our lifestyles. In the Faculty of Engineering, students study basic principles and methodologies of engineering. Graduates work as engineers in companies and laboratories, and create new products by applying what they have learned. At the heart of engineering is the challenge to invent the products of our dreams

The Faculty of Engineering of Okayama University consists of four departments: Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, and Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology. This brochure contains details about the departments, including their areas of research. Depending on the kind of new products that you wish to create, this brochure will help you to select the appropriate department.

All faculties of Okayama University, except the Medical School, are located in a large green campus near the center of Okayama City. Students from the Faculty of Engineering can enjoy a campus life alongside students from different academic disciplines with diverse values. The environment and the atmosphere helps cultivate a new way of thinking and developing ideas for new products. Please join us and let's face the challenge of creating new products together.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Masanobu Abe