Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

The Department develops human resources who can identify and solve problems on their own initiative, as well as find ways to solve unknown problems when encountering them. To become innovative engineers, it is necessary to have basic knowledge in mathematics and physics, and communication skills in Japanese and English. Students are expected to be interested in the mechanisms of producing machines and goods and eager to develop new machines and systems. They are also expected to be enthusiastic about moving themselves higher with strong interest in and curiosity about not only technology but also any natural, environmental and social issues and events.

Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering

The Department expects admitted students to meet its educational philosophy of “nurturing scientists and engineers in electrical, electronics and communication engineering who can lead in building a sustainable low-carbon society.” Specifically, we welcome students who (1) are eager to study positively and subjectively with curiosity; (2) have basic academic skills in mathematics and physics; (3) have communication skills in Japanese and are eager to master English skills necessary to work internationally; and (4) have broad interest in the interrelations between technology, society and nature.

Department of Information Technology

The Department aims to develop human resources who can take advantage of computer and intelligence science and engineering in supporting wide areas of today’s highly intelligent, networked information society to make international contributions. Therefore, students are expected to have communication skills, high interest in building information systems that will serve as industrial and social infrastructures, basic mathematical and English skills, and interest in and curiosity about scientific thinking and the essence of intelligence.

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology

The Department expects students to have learned with interest all high school subjects and understand the basics enough to be able to think logically, capitalizing on such knowledge; and to have communication skills in Japanese and English skills necessary to work internationally. To receive university education efficiently, students are also expected to have learning habits and attitude of always thinking why rather than just memorizing facts and laws.